Attracting Clients Shouldn't Be a Chore!

Hello Again,

Yes, this is me cheesing over my first book!

I was so excited and couldn’t believe I wrote my first craft book. I still sometimes pinch myself when I think about all the wonderful years of having my business. I'm so grateful and amazed!

Of course I didn’t wake up and say “ I want to be a business strategy coach”. Truth be told I wanted to be a body builder. I saw a contest on television and was determined to be famous..

So I started lifting weights in high school and my mom noticed a change in me. That’s when she stopped me in my tracks and said “You need to stop it right now, your arms are starting to look like a man.

Yes, those were her exact words. lol

So I stopped!

I continued with school and soon earned my BBA in management, got a good job in the accounting field but still felt something was missing.

I knew I wanted more then just a 9-5 job and soon found my passion was helping other new coaches build their online business. Of course in order to do that I had to do my research which consisted of lots of downloads, courses, masterminds, and programs that seemed like the solution.

It was showing me how but it just didn't resonate with me and landed me clients that weren't a good fit.

After a few months, I took a hard look and realized I wasn't trying to solve the right problem for my clients and I needed to do what felt good to me!

I stopped reading all the books and courses...instead I hired me a coach! I knew what path I wanted to take and having that guidance was so helpful.

Now I work with women coaches who are ready to create a strategy that fits them and their business. I still get some who reach out to me after working with me just to ask a question.....And I love it!

If you are ready to get over that feeling that you need to do all....Then we are a great fit!

After all, no one knows what it feels like to be a New Coach, then someone who was Once a New Coach!

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